Custom Publishing for Business

Self-publishing a book presents a huge advantage for small business people as it gives them an extra layer of credibility as an expert in their particular industry. A professionally created and presented book is a powerful tool in marketing yourself and your business.

One major advantage for small business people authoring a book is that it demonstrates both the depth of knowledge required to write a book and a professional commitment to a particular industry.

Putting your name to a book is a very strong statement, setting you apart from contemporaries and competitors alike. As after all, not everybody can start and finish writing a book.

Unlike other forms of marketing and promotional material a book engenders greater ‘Buy In’ allowing the author the luxury of time and space to;

Generate greater interest from potential customers by creating a more compelling and engaging form of communication, portraying who you are and what you stand for. Thus creating genuine consumer interest

A book can also be more than just promoting your services; it is a unique way to underline your Business Brand. It communicates your company philosophy allowing readers to develop an initial relationship of trust often not achievable in our Digital Age.