Free consultation to get you started

So you have been thinking of taking the next step in publishing your book but would like to know more about how the publishing process works.

Whilst there are numerous websites offering copious advice, the problem is often the endless range of options available for production and distribution do not fully answer specific questions you may have.

Authors wishing to learn more about how the publishing process works often come to us via email, leading to a trail of Q&A communication which inevitably culminates in a phone conversation. To overcome this situation we have decided to offer a personalized consultation free of charge and without obligation. The process is a simple one, just visit our website and complete the registration form, all you need to supply is your name, email address and phone number. To make the best use of our time we will send you an email beforehand requesting some background information and organising a suitable time to chat.

During our chat we will gain an understanding of what your goals, ambitions and budget are. This is important because everyone’s expectations and goals are different. For some it is to produce a book to be cherished by family and friends and stand as a legacy to a lifetime, for others it is to become successfully published worldwide, while for business people it is to produce a book that will assist with the marketing of their company. Once we understand what’s driving the book we can then discuss options for production and distribution.

So if you would like to see your work cost effectively showcased Publishing Productions can definitely help. Please visit our website or contact me directly by emailing