Publishing with Publishing Productions

Whilst you may decide just to contract our services to do the layout of your book, we offer several other options to help your book stand out from the crowd. The first is having the Publishing Productions name and logo on the book as the publisher. This has several advantages, without foregoing your own decision-making and influence over what the book will turn out like.

What having Publishing Productions as your publisher means:

  • When approaching bookshops to stock self-published books, it can be helpful for the author to have a level of ‘distance’ from the book. Many bookstores will not take books which carry a hint of self-publishing. Having the book published by a registered publisher (Publishing Productions) can provide a level of credibility and legitimacy to your book when dealing with bookstores.
  • We have been publishing books for several years now, and know all the ins and outs of what is required. If you publish with Publishing Productions, we will handle all the following aspects of publication:
    • The generation of an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), a unique 13-digit (previously 10-digit) number used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes. It enables them to identify a particular publisher, and a specific edition of a specific title in a specific format.
    • Whilst there is no legal requirement to have an ISBN, and it conveys no legal or copyright protection, many self-publishers choose to include an ISBN as many libraries and bookstores will not accept books without them. Having an ISBN also entails inclusion in the publishing ‘Bible’, Australian Books in Print, which means your book is more easily found by bookstores if they receive enquiries from potential customers.
    • If you choose to publish under your own name with an ISBN, you will need to register as a publisher with Thorpe Bowker, and obtain an ISBN accordingly.
    • The generation of an ISBN barcode for the back of the book which can enable bookstores and libraries to quickly enter your title in their catalogue for scanning at point-of-sale (bookstores) or at the borrowing checkout (libraries).
    • The submission and handling of details about your book to the National Library for Cataloguing-in-Publication data. This information is included on the ‘imprint’ page (copyright page) and helps libraries and bookstores find and catalogue books appropriately.
    • The submission of books to the State Library of Victoria and the National Library of Australia on Legal Deposit. This is a legal requirement for all books published in Australia, and helps to protect your rights if someone later pirates your work.
  • Because Publishing Productions only publishes books we have done the layout and design for, this ensures a consistently high standard of production, so that your book can proudly wear the ‘Publishing Productions’ branding and name.
  • When Publishing Productions is listed as the publisher of a book, we can handle all of the enquiries, including the filling of orders that come from library suppliers or bookstores.
  • When publishing with Publishing Productions, you are not entering an exclusive agreement in relation to distribution of your book. In other words, you are free to promote your book as you see fit, including contracting a distribution service such as Dennis Jones and Associates (, who can help get your book into bookstores.
  • If we publish your book we require four free copies from you – two for our own archives, and two for legal deposit with the State and National Libraries. We will bear the costs of submitting the books on legal deposit. (If you do not publish with us, but we do the layout and design of your book, we simply require two free copies for our own archives.)

What having Publishing Productions as your publisher does not mean:

  • Your choice to publish your book with Publishing Productions is a primarily pragmatic decision by you, for the reasons listed above. We do not handle any active promotion or marketing of your book, or initiate liaison with bookstores or libraries, though we will respond to all enquiries sent to us regarding your book. However, we are able to refer you to other professionals who can help with promotion and marketing.
  • Unlike commercial publishers, if Publishing Productions is your publisher we will not cover any of the costs of producing your book, including layout, printing or binding. All such costs are borne by you. However, the upside of this is that all the profits generated by sales of your book remain yours.
  • If you publish your book with Publishing Productions, we do not take ownership of your work, which means that you retain all copyright. You are also free at any time to approach other publishers to do an ‘imprint’ (future edition) of your book without this breaking any contract with Publishing Productions.