Book Printing

Although books continue to provide guidance and information on almost every topic, they now compete with a host of new technologies such as the Internet, podcasts and other digital technologies. So it is imperative to take full advantage of the latest Book Design and Production innovations to capture the attention of your target audience.

Book Publishing

By choosing to publish your book with Publishing Productions, you retain complete control and involvement of every aspect of the publishing process. In addition to receiving a beautiful and vibrant customized book as a final outcome you will also gain a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment from your involvement in the production, promotion and distribution process. From an initial consultation we can tailor and cost a package to meet your individual needs and budget.

Book Cover Design

Your book cover design is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book.  Good design not only catches ones eye, but it must also instantly convey the substance of the contents. As with all products a sale can only take place once the customer is engaged and motivated. A professionally designed Book Cover provides a window into your product in an often over crowded space. Publishing Productions is skilled in the creation of striking covers no matter what the topic.


Book Formatting

Books retain their popularity not only through the stories and information they contain but also because of the tactile nature of the book format. A well formatted and professionally designed text is crucial to achieving an enjoyable reading experience. Beautiful presentation of your ideas, illustrations and manuscript, supported with an eye catching cover design, not only enhances the salability of your title, it also ensures satisfaction on the part of the reader. Publishing Productions does not work to a set Template or Format, we treat each book as a stand alone project and work with our authors to achieve the best outcome for them.